Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to these frequently asked questions about the TDT Network (formally known as NTEN).

1. What does TDT Network membership include?
2. What is the cost of joining the TDT Network?
3. How does enrolment work?
4. What are time commitments as a TDT Network member?
5. When and how can I have my audit?
6. Can international schools enrol in the Network?

Frequently asked questions

1. What does TDT Network membership include?

Membership is on an annual basis and includes access and support to various resources and tools. Membership comprises three main elements:

Lesson Study: We host Lesson Study workshops throughout the year to support you in implementing this leading professional development process in your school. We also provide guidance, resources and tools through our online Portal and will answer any queries you may have. Click here to find out more about what the TDT Network is doing with Lesson Study.

CPD Audit and support: The audit comprises three elements; a self-evaluation, an online survey for all members of staff (including support staff), and a half day visit from a TDT staff member. A report is produced for the school highlighting areas of strength and development, which we encourage you to share with staff and use in planning future CPD. There is also the option to visit another school for an audit which gives a great insight into how other schools are operating, should you wish to take it up. Click here to see our CPD Audit Quality framework.

Networking and Events: We host two or three events & seminars per term. Some are Lesson Study specific, and some are looking at issues around CPD more broadly. Our events, as well as the online community through the online portal, also offer opportunities to meet, hear from and network with other schools. There is an expectation that every network member will be willing to share their practice and resources, where appropriate. Click here to find out more about our first Network Annual Conference.

2. What is the cost of joining TDT Network?

The price of membership is dependent on the number of students at an individual school. As a small charity, TDT runs at cost, however we make every effort to keep membership as affordable as possible. 

  • 0 – 500 pupils: £1000
  • 501 – 1000 pupils: £1500
  • 1001 – 1500 pupils: £2000
  • 1500 pupils + : £2500

If you would like more information, please fill in the ‘Make an Enquiry/Request a call’ form here.

3. How does enrolment work?

If you wish to directly enrol into the Network, we ask for you to kindly complete our enrollment form here. This lets us know your CPD goals and also some practical details about your administration and finance. When this is completed, we will send a membership agreement and an invoice. You will become a member (giving you immediate access to our online tools and resources) as soon as we receive a signed agreement or/and payment. 

4. What are time commitments as a TDT Network member?

We really want all our members to maximize their benefit by being part of TDT Network, which incurs a degree of commitment. We ask our members to be pro-active in terms of: ensuring half a day is made available for a CPD audit visit (if agreed), time taken to speak through certain processes (either via email or phone), and to have regular attendance at TDT Network workshops, e.g. related to Lesson Study. 

5. When and how can I have my audit?

The planning of the audit can take up to several weeks, so we strongly advise that you commence arrangement as soon as you become part of the Network. This can be done by simply contacting us by phone or email. We will then get back to you with the next steps.

Please be aware that although you can request an audit at any time during your membership, it is subject to availability of staff. As your audit has to be completed before your membership expires, we urge that you start thinking about this earlier to avoid any disappointment. 

6. Can international schools enrol in the Network?

We happily welcome international schools to be part of our growing Network (we currently have 2 members based in Malaysia and Mexico). Our materials are focused around the English and Welsh education systems and will therefore work well for any school or college with a similar system. With our developing digital audit tool, geographical differences will not be a challenge in providing audit support although the final accreditation visit is not included for non-UK schools. 

As our events and networking opportunities are UK-based, we ensure that our international members are able to receive support and assistance through our online portal. Not only will this give you access to resources and tools, but you will be exposed to different practices and experiences from members all over the UK.

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Find out more about the Network and membership costs in our brochure.